Practicing TBA Legally

TBA (Total Body Analysis) is a non-regulated modality of healing, so there is no 'legal' parameter to be satisfied. You are free to use (practice) TBA on yourself, your family, friends, pets and even on plants. We don't even require you to become certified to begin your practice of TBA. There is no way you can harm anyone in any way, so you are not restricted in any way. But Practicing Legally should perhaps be more accurately defined by the answer to the question: "How do I help people and not get in trouble for doing so?" The answer to that depends on where in the world you live.

As a rule, only a state licensed medical professional is allowed to diagnose and prescribe. Of course, people with a license are regulated by the licensing board, who dictate what kind of "medicine" a professional can and cannot use. What you as a highly trained professional believes to be good for a person has no bearing if it does not fit the view of the licensing board. If the licensing board tells you to stop using a natural medicine or therapy, including TBA, you must do so or lose your license, or worst, go to prison. That does not sound like Health Freedom!

In the past, those who practiced natural healing therapies simply needed to be careful with terminology and assuring they were not trying to impersonate a licensed professional. For the most part, the practice of natural medicine has gone without great incident. But new laws have now been passed which basically make all forms of natural medicine illegal. Not just for those of you with a shop or an office for consulting ... but for those of you simply doing natural things for your own family! Did you know that it is illegal to recommend a fried of yours take Vitamin C in some states unless you have the proper Certification? Did you know that telling someone to eat less sugar because it might cause diabetes can induce a lawsuit against you in some states? We all continue to sign petitions and do our best to stop the regulation of natural medicine and supplements, but in reality, it appears to be a losing battle. We believe that in the capacity of natural healing, these laws strip people from basic freedoms and it borders on gestapo. But it is what it is, and it is prudent to act in wisdom.

Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for practicing TBA? No. NOT in ANY US state or country that TBA is currently practiced. The laws making so much of natural medicine illegal are not being enforced at this time, but when they begin to enforce them, it would seem like wisdom to be ready to defend your freedom. Most of the people I have met practicing natural healing do it not as a job but as a calling. To have your livelihood threatened, your source of income destroyed, and be stripped of the gift that allows you to help others is serious and unjust. But what if there was another way, one that allowed you to practice your natural medicine without fear of government interference or persecution? We believe in Health Freedom and Nemenhah adoption is the only court proven venue we have seen work without fail at this point.

IF you make the practice of your Natural Medicine under the auspices of your Religious belief, then you are perfectly safe and held harmless in any way. Government cannot infringe in the practice of your religion. While those rights exist, it may become difficult to defend them if you are not versed in defending your freedom. For this reason, HCMI has become a Seminary of the Nemenhah People. Nemenhah offers spiritual adoption to any who wish to practice their natural healing as part of their religion. What that means is that you believe Natural Medicine is truly part of your belief system, it is not just a job for you. If you are interested in maintaining Health Freedom and becoming part of an on organization who defends Health Freedom, please click the following link.

Native American Adoption