About HCMI

Reuben T. DeHaan was born to missionary parents and raised in the Amazon jungles of South America. Prayer and folk medicine from the locals was the only option for healing as the town and medical emergency facilities were many miles away by boat. After a decade of living with the locals in the jungle, his mother contracted malaria for the 12th time and they headed for the US to find better medicine. They found that drugs and surgery did not heal the body, so they turned to natural ways of healing. For many years, Reuben was exposed to holistic health experiences within his family, then went on to work as an assistant in his father’s veterinary practice. But his father recognized an inner gift in his son and urged him to pursue Naturopathic medicine.

After earning his degree in holistic medicine and a multitude of certifications in various modalities and therapies, Dr. DeHaan opened a local practice. He became one of the main instructors for one of the Naturopathic training schools where he discovered two main problems. One is that there was no training facility that really taught students how to get people well. Learning a variety of natural therapies and earning a degree is wonderful, but incorporating all of the knowledge into a usable format that could create predictable wellness programs just wasn't available. In addition, alternative studies were not discussing the cause of the problem, only natural relief therapies. That is better than drugs and surgery, but still not addressing the cause.

Dr. DeHaan founded HCMI to help supply the missing links and went on to develop the TBA system. Dr. DeHaan is a recognized Medicine Man of the Nemenhah and has a rare and unique understanding of how the body strives for wellness in the midst of disease processes. After two decades of using his TBA system, he developed the Quantum Remedies offered on this site as an "over the counter" option in hopes that he might help even more people with the Get Well, Stay Well At Home protocols.